Studying abroad can be difficult, and managing your budget with the cost of living, rent, food, public transport – amongst other things – can also be hard. However there are ways that you can save money and keep a close eye on your budget.

Get the right course, at the right price

Luck for you we have a variety of courses from a range of educational providers to choose from! We love having a chat with you, to find out where and what you want to study. We then provide you with the information to help you make a decision. Then can assist with your application process.

Choose the right city

In general most capital cities can be expensive. If you’re looking to stay on the cheap then the Gold Coast or Adelaide are traditionally the cheapest major cities to study in, in Australia.

When to take your holidays

If you’re planning on working during your holidays, then it may be best to take your holidays during the busiest time at your workplace. For hospitality or retail work places this is generally during the school holidays and over the Christmas and New Years period.

Watch where you shop

If you’re watching your budget, then limit the amount of take-out nights and opt for buying groceries from local markets instead. Cook and eat at home most of the week and you will definitely see the difference.

Best times to visit the bars and nightclubs

In Australia we all love a good drink. But going out in Australia on the weekends is expensive. So to save a few bucks, most international students head out during the week on “Student nights”, you will find the prices to be more affordable, plus there are always fun events to get involved with.

Get paid correctly

Don’t get taken advantage of, know the minimum wage that you should be earning. Find out more information about the hourly rate here.

Get an Australian Business Number (ABN)

Applying for an ABN is free and it can help you find an employer in certain industries. Register for an ABN.

Open up employment opportunities

In certain industries employees are required to obtain licenses before they can work. The costs vary depending on the licence, but having one will open up opportunities regarding employment while you are in Australia.

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