The transport and safety science courses provide you with career opportunities in an industry that is experiencing continual growth. The safety courses are designed in consultation with industry and with a focus on providing a positive impact on our communities. Accident forensics students will enjoy the opportunity to explore causes and prevention in our state-of-the-art, purpose-built Forensic Accident Investigation Crash Laboratory. The courses will enable you to develop advanced skills that allow you to systematically breakdown the factors leading to an accident and make the necessary findings and conclusions for prevention. Undertaking study in the growing field of occupational health and safety can help you forge a career in an industry that is important for all businesses, providing endless career paths and opportunities for progression. The emergency services courses can also help you make a positive contribution to your community, by equipping you for a career in areas such as fire fighting, Para medicine, policing and other service providers who might be required to provide assistance at the scene of a crisis or crime. The transport courses provide practical experience in your chosen field of aviation or supply chain and logistics enabling you to start or improve your career. Choosing to study supply chain and logistics will see you develop skills to record and coordinate workflow and the transport of material between departments or organisations, examine orders and prepare production schedules. Studying aviation can provide you with the skills needed to undertake a range of careers in the aviation, aerospace and information technology industries.

Possible Career Outcomes Include:

  • Warehouse Operator
  • Work Health & Safety Coordinator
  • Work Health & Safety Officer
  • Workplace Health & Safety Facilitator
  • Workplace Health & Safety Administrator
  • Logistics, Warehouse or Operations Management
  • Flight Operations
  • Aviation Analysis
  • Flight Scheduling
  • Logistics Operations
  • Rescue Operations
  • Emergency Services

Courses Available

Course Locations
Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Helicopter) Queensland (Sunshine Coast)
Diploma of Aviation Theory Queensland (Central Qld)
Associate Degree of Occupational Health & Safety New South Wales (Sydney), Queensland (Brisbane, Central), Victoria (Melbourne)
Associate Degree of Aviation Queensland (Central Qld)
Bachelor of Accident Forensics New South Wales (Sydney), Queensland (Brisbane, Central), Victoria (Melbourne), Western Australia (Perth)
Bachelor of Aviation (Technology) Queensland (Central Qld)